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Specialising in Gut Health, Allergies and Picky Eaters

Dairy Free Meal Plans

6-9 months, 9-12 months and 1-2 years for children with cow's milk allergy.

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We are a professional Nutrition and Dietetic Service for adults and children. We believe in evidenced based practice bringing conventional science together with a holistic functional medicine approach to nutrition. We diagnose, treat and educate adults and children with dietary related conditions and diseases and communicate with other health professionals to arrange prescriptions, blood tests and any other investigations needed as part of your treatment.   You will be provided with a personalized plan with literature, recipes and support to make the implementation as easy as possible.

We are experts in child nutrition, women's health and gut health. See the green box below for a list of conditions we treat.

We provide an environment that is relaxed and comfortable and you can be assured that we will be understanding and empathetic towards your situation. A nutrition consultation involves building a detailed history of the complaint including symptoms, diet and lifestyle to link symptoms to certain foods you eat and assess the best possible dietary treatment to meet your specific needs. We do not just address your symptoms, we look at your overall health and any underlying causes and aim to improve your health and diet for the better. After the consultation you will receive an email detailing everything discussed plus an personalized action plan and written literature. 


List I have particular experience in:

Advice with breastfeeding, weaning and Baby Led Weaning.

Allergies and Intolerance 

Cows Milk Allergy

Coeliac Disease


Fussy Eaters

Overweight & Obestiy

Nutrition Support

ADHD & Autism 

Type 1 Diabetes and Carbohydrate Counting


Irritable Bowel Syndrome and FODMAP diet.

Womens Health - Infertility, Menopause, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


Talk To Me...

If you are interested in any of my packages and want to find out more please get in touch directly on the phone number below or use the contact form. Just simply leave your name, phone number, email address and your question and I will be in touch.

Mobile 07718 068 383

Tel 0800 488 0436    

Cow's Milk Allergy Package

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Cow's Milk Allergy is seen in approximately 2% of babies. It can cause such distress for the parents who are trying to feed and manage an extremely distressed baby. This Package follows the journey from diagnosis to reintroduction of dairy back into the child's diet.

Starting Solids, Toddler Feeding and Fussy Eating webinars and online courses for parents.

IBS and FODMAP Package


This package is specific for someone suffering with IBS and feels they require the support of a dietitian when trialing the FODMAPS diet.


What I can do...

Diet Planning

Expert Advice

An understanding and empathetic consultation

A bit about me...

I have over 19 years experience as a dietitian which includes 10 years working with adults, and for the last 9 years I have specialised in paediatric dietetics.

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