Cow's Milk Allergy

Cost : £300

This Package covers 3-5 appointments over the duration of the allergy until the child has grown out of it. Cow's Milk Allergy (CMA) affects 2-4% of the population and most babies are diagnosed in the first 16 weeks of life and are often misdiagnosed as having reflux or colic. CMA is divided into 2 categories; Non IgE CMA and IgE CMA. Non IgE presents with a reaction that is delayed from 2-72hrs after ingestion and IgE CMA is immediate up to 2 hrs after ingestion. CMA is when there is a combination of persistent symptoms that occur with little relief from first line measures. These symptoms are a combination of 1 or more of these: persistent irritability, vomiting, diarrhoea, food refusal, constipation, painful flatulence, blood and or mucous in stools, itching, flushing skin, rash or atopic dermatitis or in the case of IgE allergy there could be swelling and/or conjuntivitis, running/itching nose.

CMA is easily treated with the right advice and support. I am very favourable of Mothers to continue breast feeding during this time so it is very important that they receive appropriate nutrients in their diet whilst eating a dairy free diet. For bottle fed babies, it is important to ensure the right milk is prescribed to relieve symptoms.

If you suspect your child as having a cow's milk allergy, it is important to consult with your GP in the first instance.

2 Payment Options:

1 - Full amount via Paypal, Sumup, BACS or cash.

2 - 2 payments of £150 via Paypal, sumup, BACS or cash.

This Process:

3-5 Clinic or online Appointments: 

1st Appointment - to advise you on a dairy free diet for either you or your child. I will provide you with literature and ensure that you are consuming appropriate nutrition if you are breastfeeding and also to arrange a prescription with the GP (if your child is not breastfeeding) for a special milk free formula. 

2nd Appointment -  The next appointment will be 2-4 weeks later where it is important to challenge your baby with milk protein in their diet. You will be provided with guidance on how to safely do this. This is to confirm the diagnosis of CMA. 

3rd appointment -  at 5-6 months old or just before the introduction of solid foods. I will educate you on a milk free diet and provide guidance and written literature on introducing dairy free foods into you babies diet. 

4th appointment -  at 9-12 months old. This will be to guide and support you on the reintroduction of milk protein back into the babies diet.

Written communication with your GP, Consultant or Health Visitor. A referral to your local allergy service (only in the case of a suspected IgE mediated allergy).

Monitoring of your baby's weight and length and documented on a growth chart.

I will provide you with recipes and information on dairy free alternative that you can buy to make the diet easier to implement whilst ensuring you and your child meets their nutrition requirements.


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