Type 1 Diabetes Package

Cost : £300

This Package covers 3-5 appointments after initial diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in children. The purpose of this package is to educate you and your child how to manage their diet to ensure blood sugar levels are within range and therefore preventing complications of diabetes in the future. I will work and collaborate with your diabetes team to ensure that your child receives the best possible care.

I will educate you on the principles of a healthy balanced diet, how to carbohydrate count and learn adjust your carbohydrate ratio. The package includes education on how to manage hypoglycemic attacks, sickness, travel and exercise.

The package is designed to provide you with the information you need at diagnosis and to support your care along side your NHS team.

If you suspect your child as having a Type 1 Diabetes, it is vital to consult with your GP in the first instance.

2 Payment Options

1 - Full amount via Paypal, Sumup, BACS or Cash.

2 - 2 payment of £150 via Paypal, Sumup, BACS or cash.

This Process:

3-5 Clinic or online Appointments over a period of 4-5 weeks after diagnosis.

1st Appointment -to assess your child's current diet, medication, current blood sugar levels and lifestyle. To educate on the principles of a healthy balanced diet, what carbohydrate is and it's importance in the management of Type 1 Diabetes. At this appointment I will go over the basic principles of carbohydrate counting and get you to complete a detailed food diary for the coming days. I will weigh and measure your child.

2nd Appointment -  The next appointment will be 4-5 days later. At this appointment I will look at the food diary and blood sugar levels and assess your child's current carbohydrate intake compared to their medication to determine if there should be any adjustments made to bring blood sugars levels within normal range. This appointment will also cover more comprehensive training on carbohydrate counting. Such as weighing an measuring different carbohydrates. Working out carbohydrate content in ready meals and snack and from recipes. At this session we will also find and educate you on your child's individual 'correction factor' to manage high blood sugar levels (hyper's).

3rd appointment -  1 week later. I will go over your child's food diary again and advise any further changes. Answer any questions you may have and give you some tips and tools to make carbohydrate counting easy to use. At this session I will educate you about carbohydrate and different rates of digestion and the Glycaemic Index.  

4th appointment -  This appointment will be review your carbohydrate to insulin ratio and suggest any further adjustments that should be made and answer any questions that you have. This session will cover, managing hypoglycaemia, sick days, travel and exercise.

Written communication with your GP, Consultant and Diabetes Specialist Nurse. 

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