Feeding Toddlers Online Workshop

Do you have a Toddler that is creating havoc at meal times and refusing to eat what you have prepared, even though it is 'their' favourite?

Are you worried that they are not getting enough nutrition?

Do you want to develop the skills to encourage them to be healthy, happy eaters?


Then this is the Webinar for you?

Feeding Toddlers Webinar

Next Webinar via zoom 19th Feb 2022, 7.30pm-9.30pm


Toddler Feeding Webinar is a 2 hour interactive workshop designed to help you manage this difficult stage of nutrition when your toddler is fighting for their independence.  This will provide you with the skills to navigate your toddler through this to turn them into 'healthy and happy' young children.

What's Covered

A comprehensive online webinar hosted by Children's Dietitian Dr. Kirsty Porter.

Topics include:

  • Daily routine& Variety
  • Nutrition: Balanced Meals
  • Mealtime Strategies
  • Meal and Snack ideas
  • Making food fun
  • How to handle food refusal and prevent fussy eating
  • Eating and drinking skills
  • Vitamins
  • Portions
  • Top tips

By the end of this 2 hour workshop Dr.Kirsty helps you strike the balance with making food fun, providing a healthy and well balanced diet, all in a way that works with your busy lifestyle.

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Free Bonuses Include:

Digital Toddler Feeding E-Book (usually £15)

Limited time offer (only available to those who sign up to the webinar) 50% discount code for our 'Toddler Feeding' online course (usually £50), including recipes and supporting videos.

Laura Magee

"I have now attended both Kirsty’s weaning workshop and her new toddler feeding workshop, and both were so helpful, reassuring and fun!! Kirsty is brilliant at giving you all the useful information in an easy to understand way as well as making you feel encouraged and motivated to enjoy this journey with your child. Lots of tips, tricks and even some great recipe ideas."

Gillian Moore

"I attended the toddler feeding workshop today. I found it very useful - lots of helpful information and top tips from Kirsty. She made us feel relaxed and at ease - the conversation flowed naturally and all of our concerns and questions were answered. I love how her advice can be easily applied to the real busy life of a family! We can’t wait to try some of the recipes and activities Kirsty provided today! Thank you so much" 

Dr. Kirsty Porter from Nutrition 4 Kids is a registered Paediatric Dietitian with over 10 years experience. She has created online webinars and courses to help Parents and Guardians increase their knowledge on childhood nutrition.

Our courses and webinars increase understanding of what foods are best for your growing child and cover a variety of topics including starting solids (weaning), toddler nutrition and fussy eating.

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