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Are you ready to turn your fussy eater into a foodie!


This is the online course for you if you want to:


Learn the tools to create a healthy, happy eater........for life

Feel free of anxiety at meals time

Stop worrying that our child is not getting the nurtition they need to grow and thrive.


Delivered by Registered Dietitian Dr. Kirsty Porter from Nutrition 4 Kids.


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You blame yourself and wonder where you went wrong

You panic at the thought of what to make your little monkey because it usually ends up on the floor. 


Time and food wasted preparing nutritious, delicious food that they won't eat.


You are you feeling pressure to offer them exactly what they want to make things easier and to ensure they eat something.


You have bought the cook books, scrolled the internet for solutions and follow the fussy eating gurus on social media, but now you feel more confused than ever!

Now you feel completely exhausted!


Can I use rewards or not, what's the right way there is so much conflicting information!


Should I be offering snacks? BUT snacks is one of the only things they will eat!

You Feel Emotional

That your child cannot enjoy the homecooked food that your make

They are going to grow up unhealthy

That they may be teased or judged by their friends


Don't Worry

I know how your feel. I've been there with my 6 year old.

Most children go through a fussy stage and it's actually quite normal

Even the most laid back parents wonder where they have gone wrong!


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You are reading this because you care and you want the best for your child

Dr. Kirsty Porter from Nutrition 4 kids has created this course designed and tailored by other Mum's and Dad's just like you. Combined with all the latest research into the psychology of eating and evidenced based nutrition advice she has created a course back full of practical strategies She has taken lots of feedback and created a course to meet your needs.

Kirsty has 10 years experience as a Paediatric Dietitian. I have 20 years experience and children of my own. We have heard and we have listened.


Let's explore how this course can help!

Balance and variety

Learn about age appropriate foods for a child and how to ensure they get all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. 

What food groups need to be included and how meals should be proportioned to ensure these nutrients are balanced.

Timings of Meals and Snacks

Time meals, snacks and drinks right so that your child acquires an appetite to eat.

Learn how to meal plan for the whole family


Food Labelling and Choices

Learn to read food labels and what that means for children and how certain foods that claim to be nutritious and not always what they say on the tin!


Learn what is an appropriate portion size for your child and how that changes as they get older.

Mealtime Strategies

We will teach you how to deal with common issues at mealtimes 

We teach you the tools to deal with food refusal, tantrums or bad behaviour and asking for something different

We teach you to problem solve so that your frustration does not create an anxiety fuelled meal for all!

Setting the Scene

It's important to prepare your child for change, particularly change that comes as a result of you implementing the strategies from this course.

Prepare them for meal by ensuring they are well informed and that they can make choices for themselves to ensure they have some control

 Food Exposure and Meal Mechanics

Many fussy eaters have a genuine aversion to some foods. Food exposure is a strategy that works to gently exposure a child to new foods through play, stories, baking and cooking creating a positive experience with food.


By the end of this course you WILL

  • Feel in control because we breakdown the information into manageable chunks.


  • Know the right nutrition child's age – because getting nutrition right means they grow and develop as they should.


  • Be equipped with recipes and knowledge to make the process easy and an enjoyable experience for you both.


  • Feel confident that you’re getting it right – because your child is eating more variety and better portions.


  • Be safe in the knowledge that you are helping to create a little human with a great relationship with food.


  • Relaxed meal times for the whole family - you’re raising a happy healthy eater

Free Bonuses

Digital Fussy Eating E-Book (worth £15)

Recipe E-book

Once you sign up and pay, I will send you a free example meal plan for 2-4 year olds.

Quick & Easy advice 

  • Video lessens in friendly, simple language


  • Accompanied by information sheets (and you can print them off for support when you need it)


  • Delivered in manageable, 5 - 10 minute lessons, so you never feel overwhelmed


  • Handy to watch when, how and where you like – from your computer, tablet or your phone when preparing meals, or in the car. Prop your phone up and listen as you work.


  • Easy to pause when you need to, watch again at your leisure, and keep for life


  • Enjoy a total of nearly 2 hours of viewing time, completely at your own pace

Kirsty is giving you all of this knowledge, expertise and peace of mind for just £50.


As a special promotion for purchasing the course through this website we are giving 10% discount

And there’s no need to wait, because the content is ready for you. So you can begin to see results from day one!

It's now or never! The younger your child is the better they respond to the strategies and I would love to support you and your baby on your journey.

Let’s start this today.

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