Fertility Package

Fertility Boost Package

This is a 4 to 6 month weight loss and fertility boost programme for women and men aiming to conceive naturally or who are in the process of, or plan to, go through IVF and want to give it their best chance of success. There is a lot of evidence to support good nutrition for fertility and this programme aims to educate and support you to make foods choices specific to this goal.

This programme offers one to one appointments with personalised goals and support. Track your menstrual cycles to find out your unique ovulatory period. If you are not ovulating this programme will aim to initiate this and hopefully result in a pregnancy. In the case of women with Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) we will look at insulin resistance and weight management.


Payment Options

This is an instalment service which offers monthly one to one appointments with text support in between - see below for more information.

  • Couples - £70/ €80 mth (£25 / €30 set up fee) - contact us directly.
  • Individuals - £60/ €70 mth (£20 /€25 set up fee) - click the Paypal button below to get set up.

Once you are set up click the 'book appointment' button to book an appointment online or contact us directly.


Monthly one to one appointments with text support in between via whatsapp.

You will receive a personalised dietary advice based on your weight, diet and goals as well weight management advise with personalised portion size guide - if that is what you need.

The programme will challenge your relationship food and with yourself. We will work with you to follow a dietary path that is easiest for you. 

Free access to our meal planning software called Libro for the duration of the subscription.

We will look at stress and anxiety and talk about ways to manage this.

We will look at supplements that may benefit you.

Track your menstruation and ovulation so that you can see if the dietary changes have made a difference. 

We offer hormonal tests and profiling via the DUTCH test (extra investment required) for those who would like an in-depth look at their hormone and stress levels.

This is a relationship that will change your life for the better. All we ask is your absolute honesty to tell us the truth and commitment to follow the advice, feel the fear and push on through anyway. You CAN do it with the right support.

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