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Are you a Parent or Guardian who finds nutrition in children confusing? If you are, you have come the right place! Nowadays with so much information available it can be hard to choose the right food options and ensure your child is getting the best diet.


Dr. Kirsty Porter from Nutrition 4 Kids is a registered Paediatric Dietitian with over 10 years experience. She has created online webinars and courses to help Parents and Guardians increase their knowledge on childhood nutrition.


Our courses and webinars increase understanding of what foods are best for your growing child and cover a variety of topics including starting solids (weaning), toddler nutrition and fussy eating.

  • Starting solids/Weaning
  • Toddler nutrition
  • Fussy eating/picky eaters
  • Healthy cooking for families
  • Meal Planning and childrens portion size guides
  • Restrictive/Selective eating in children
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What people say......

Jaclyn Wray

I would like to say a big thank you to Kirsty!. The workshop is great. Kirsty is so informative and helpful!. Her knowledge is fantastic and she can answer any questions you may have. As a first time Mummy starting the weaning process seems so stressful but after today everything is so much clearer! I would definitely recommend.

Kathryn Powell

I attended a zoom workshop about introducing solids. Very friendly, welcoming and informative. All my questions were answered and we learnt why we do things not just how to do things. I really enjoyed the workshop and felt very comfortable to ask questions. I started knowing nothing about the subject and came away knowing alot! Much more helpful than reading multiple things on the internet and I'm looking forward to starting baby led weaning!

Julie Tourish

We had a zoom workshop with Nutrition 4 Kids about weaning and we absolutely loved it. I though I knew about weaning but I learned so much that I didn't know and I found it really . It was also interactive and fun. I would highly recommend this. Thank you so much for a lovely and helpful morning. I'm really excited and confident about starting the weaning process now.

Helen Atkins

What a helpful workshop if you are weaning a baby for the first time- thanks Kirsty. Relevant, understandable and digestible chunks (excuse the bun :)) of information and advice. And the fact that Kirsty is available to help post-workshop is great too.

Louise Wilson

Thank you for such a great workshop. It was very informative and covered all aspects of weaning. You made us feel so welcome and we were able to ask lots of questions. The support you offer after is brilliant too. I would definitely recommend this workshop for first time parents.

Ciara Mc Greer

I cannot recommend Kirsty's workshop enough! I am a first time mum and I was starting to think about weaning my son. The Workshop answered all my questions and more. I feel confident now to proceed on our weaning journey. Kirsty is so friendly and knowledgeable and the workshop was delivered in a laid back and friendly manner. I think it's invaluable that she provides ongoing support for any questions that may arise as we progress. In fact I have already contacted Kirsty. Thank you so much.

Janet McDowell

I found it so informative and helpful. Everything I wanted to know was covered from how to go about starting, allergens, baby led weaning and so much more. No questions asked was too silly! Kirsty was so lovely and it was like sitting have a chat with friends over a cuppa. I love that after the workshop she is still available and willing to answer any questions you have, she is just a message away. I would definitely recommend.

Amber Miller

I completed the intro to solids workshop. It was so helpful and informative and has really made me feel so much more confident about weaning. She was easy to listen to and no question was too silly. Definitely Recommend.

Victoria O'Hanlon

Just finished a wonderful Zoom meeting with Kirsty. The group chat was a wonderful introduction to weaning. I feel confident that when this comes I will know the right steps to take and what is best for baby. Thank you so much it was wonderful.

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Starting Solids - Online Course £45

This course is via an online learning platform that you can use in your own time and in the comfort of your own home with pre-recorded videos from Dr.Kirsty. 


  • Guiding you through the weaning process including; knowing when your baby is ready, types of weaning, appropriate foods & portion sizes, ​foods & drinks to avoid, safely introducing allergens, dealing with choking and handling food refusal. You will also get access to a library of recipes and videos to help you through the process.
  • FREE Introducing Solids booklet pdf worth £15.
  • Recipes and portion sizes.

Free Bonuses

Digital Weaning E-Book (worth £15)

Baby friendly videos and Recipe E-book

Lifetime access


Managing Fussy Eating - Online Course £45

Aimed at parents and guardians of children age 1-10 who are currently refusing foods, resulting in a limited diet. This course helps to empower you with effective strategies to help your child on their way to forming a healthy relationship with food and increase the variety of foods they will eat.  


  • Lifetime access a series of information videos covering 13 topics including activities to try, daily routine, at the dinner table, feeding relationship, balanced meals and snacks, and top tips
  • FREE Fussy eating booklets pdf worth £15.
  • Recipes and portion sizes.

Free Bonuses

 Fussy Eating E-Book (worth £15)

Slow Cooker videos and Recipe E-book

Meal and Dips Video and E-Book

Lifetime access


Feeding Toddlers - Online Course £45

Helping you navigate the often challenging process of getting your toddler to enjoy a wide variety of family-friendly meals. Dr.Kirsty helps you strike the balance of making food fun whilst providing a healthy and balanced diet that works with your busy lifestyle.


  • Lifetime access to a series of information videos covering 11 topics including variety, eating and drinking skills, daily routine, balanced meals and snacks, portions and top tips.
  • FREE Toddler feeding booklet pdf worth £15.
  • Recipes and portion sizes.

Free Bonuses

 Toddler Feeding E-Book (worth £15)

Slow Cooker videos and Recipe E-book

Meal and Dips Video and E-Book

Lifetime access

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