Starting Solids Online Course

Are you ready to start solid foods with your baby?


This is the online course for you if you want to:


Learn the tools to create a healthy, happy eater........for life

Introduce allergens with confidence and learn the different weaning techniques that are right for you.

Baby led, puree or both! It's up to you we teach you so you can decide what's right for you.


Delivered by Registered Dietitian Dr. Kirsty Porter from Nutrition 4 Kids.


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You want to get prepared before you start weaning


You are feeling excited and have bought bibs, baby cutlery and bowls


BUT you are you feeling pressured to prepare everything from scratch after seeing all those 'weaning recipe books'


Now you feel completely overwhelmed!


Baby led or puree's, what's the right way there is so much conflicting information!


You are thinking to yourself, when am I going to get time to make all of this whilst preparing bottle or breast feeding and looking after a baby?

You Feel Emotional

That your baby is 6 months already!

They are growing up too fast!

You have only just got them into a nice routine where you have a little bit of spare time and feel that weaning is going to upset the apple cart!


Don't Worry

I remember feeling the same way.

This is normal.

Even the most competent cooks feel scared to do it wrong.



You are reading this because you care and you want the best for you and your child

Dr. Kirsty Porter from Nutrition 4 kids has created this course designed and tailored by other Mum's and Dad's just like you. She has taken lots of feedback and created a course to meet your needs.

Kirsty has 10 years experience as a Paediatric Dietitian. I have 20 years experience and children of my own. We have heard and we have listened.

Let's explore how this course can help!

Balancing milk feeds with food

Learn when is the best time to offer food and when to start dropping feeds so that you baby gets increased nutrition from solid foods

Know when your baby is ready!

This course will teach you when is the right time and you don't always have to wait to 6 months!. There are tell tale signs which is the right time for YOUR baby.


Different Types of Weaning

Baby led and Purees?

Get the right information for YOU.

There is no right or wrong.

How to Deal with Choking/Gagging

Learn how to differentiate between choking and gagging. We will relieve your fear so that you can confidently deal with then when it arises.

Learn to know how to confidently and safely deal with choking if it does arise.

Deal with Food Refusal

We will teach you how to deal with this part of weaning which can be frustrating and worrying as a parent. 

We teach you the tools to deal with throwing food on the floor, turning their head and clamping their mouths firmly shut.

We teach you to problem solve so that your frustration does not create an anxiety fuelled meal for all!

Learn to safely introduce allergens

There is a lot of information out there but nothing that specifically tells us how to do it. We will cut through the noise to show you what exactly the research tells us and how to introduce them safely. You will learn how to deal with any reaction swiftly and safely.

 Baby Nutrition & Portion Sizes

You will learn the key nutrients for your baby, why they are important at the time of weaning and how to get them into a balanced diet. How much should a baby get during the day and how that changes as they grow. Learn how to fill them up so they sleep during the night.

By the end of this course you WILL

  • Feel in control because we breakdown the information into manageable chunks.


  • Know the right nutrition for your baby's age – because getting nutrition right means they grow and develop as they should.


  • Be equipped with the right equipment, recipes and knowledge to make the process easy and an enjoyable experience for you both.


  • Feel confident that you’re getting it right – because your baby is happy, content and sleeping during the night.


  • Be safe in the knowledge that you are helping to create a little human with a great relationship with food.


  • Relaxed meal times for the whole family - you’re raising a happy healthy eater
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Free Bonuses

Digital Weaning E-Book (worth £15)

Baby friendly videos and Recipe E-book

Once you sign up and pay, I will send you a free example meal plan for 6-9 month olds.

Quick & Easy advice 

  • Video lessens in friendly, simple language


  • Accompanied by information sheets (and you can print them off for support when you need it)


  • Delivered in manageable, 5 - 10 minute lessons, so you never feel overwhelmed


  • Handy to watch when, how and where you like – from your computer, tablet or your phone in the middle of the night while doing night feeds or during the day when preparing meals or in the car. Prop your phone up and listen as you work.


  • Easy to pause when you need to, watch again at your leisure, and keep for life! (Perfect for baby 2 and even 3…)


  • Enjoy a total of nearly 2 hours of viewing time, completely at your own pace

Kirsty is giving you all of this knowledge, expertise and peace of mind for just £50.


As a special promotion for purchasing the course through this website we are giving 10% discount

Once per month anyone who purchases through this website gets entered into a price draw:

And there’s no need to wait, because the content is ready for you. So you can begin to see results from day one!

We only have one chance to get weaning right and I would love to support you and your baby on your journey.

Let’s start this today.

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