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Next Webinar via zoom 22nd January 2022, 10am-12md

Do you want to get completely prepared before you start weaning?


Are you feeling pressured to prepare everything from scratch after seeing all those 'weaning recipe books' but feel overwhelmed about it?


Then this is the Webinar for you?

Starting Solids Webinar - 22nd January 2022, 10am-12md


Starting Solids Webinar is a 2  hour interactive workshop designed to help you take the pressure out of introducing food for the first time to your baby. This will empower you with the skills to not only nourish your baby but create a happy eater.


What's Covered

A comprehensive online workshop hosted by Paediatric Dietitian Dr. Kirsty Porter.

Topics Include:

  • Knowing when your baby is ready
  • Different types of weaning (including baby-led)
  • What foods to start with  and portion sizes
  • When to increase the number of feeds
  • Balancing milk quantities with food
  • Foods & drinks to avoid
  • How to safely introduce allergens
  • How to deal with choking & differentiating from gagging
  • How to handle food refusal

By the end of this 2.hour workshop Dr. Kirsty aims to equip you with the skills and confidence to guide your baby through the weaning journey in an informed, calm & fun way.

Free Bonuses Include:


Digital Weaning E-Book (usually £15)


50% discount code for our 'Introducing Solids' online course (usually £50), including recipes and supporting videos.

Kerry Feilds

I am a first time mummy who has just completed the starting solids workshop with Kirsty. Wow! It has totally transformed my thinking. I felt so out of my depth with the weaning process but now, I feel excited to continue & to explore brightly coloured foods, different textures, tastes and creative meal ideas with my 7 month old, Archie. Kirsty is a wealth of information & knowledge, yet so warm and friendly - making the course an interactive and enjoyable one. I personally have found Kirsty so helpful when I have a concern or a worry - it is so reassuring to know you will receive aftercare throughout your journey. From when to start weaning, portion sizes, weaning utensil recommendations & introducing allergens - Kirsty has it all covered. I would highly recommend this workshop - first time mummy or fifth time mummy - it is such a valuable learning experience which has left me feeling confident & equipped to give my little Archie the best start possible. Thanks so much Kirsty!" 

Dr. Jan Morrison

"I would highly recommend this course to any new parents. My knowledge of weaning was very limited. Kirsty takes you through the process of weaning from the very start up to 12 months in a clear and simple way. She covers the knowledge and gives lots of practical advice. There are great online resources too. I now feel a lot more confident and I am looking forward to trying out her recipes. She is available for advice after the course too which is great. Highly recommended!" 

Kathryn Powell

I attended a zoom workshop about introducing solids. Very friendly, welcoming and informative. All my questions were answered and we learnt why we do things not just how to do things. I really enjoyed the workshop and felt very comfortable to ask questions. I started knowing nothing about the subject and came away knowing alot! Much more helpful than reading multiple things on the internet and I'm looking forward to starting baby led weaning!

Julie Tourish

We had a zoom workshop with Nutrition 4 Kids about weaning and we absolutely loved it. I though I knew about weaning but I learned so much that I didn't know and I found it really . It was also interactive and fun. I would highly recommend this. Thank you so much for a lovely and helpful morning. I'm really excited and confident about starting the weaning process now.

Janet McDowell

I found it so informative and helpful. Everything I wanted to know was covered from how to go about starting, allergens, baby led weaning and so much more. No questions asked was too silly! Kirsty was so lovely and it was like sitting have a chat with friends over a cuppa. I love that after the workshop she is still available and willing to answer any questions you have, she is just a message away. I would definitely recommend.


Dr. Kirsty Porter from Nutrition 4 Kids is a registered Paediatric Dietitian with over 10 years experience. She has created online webinars and courses to help Parents and Guardians increase their knowledge on childhood nutrition.


Our courses and webinars increase understanding of what foods are best for your growing child and cover a variety of topics including starting solids (weaning), toddler nutrition and fussy eating.

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